We are located on Kuznetsky Most 19s1
1 час — 180 ₽
3 ₽/мин
2 часа — 360 ₽
3 ₽/мин
3 часа — 480 ₽
2 ₽/мин
4 часа и больше — 600 ₽
Ziferblat is a place where everyone can come to as if it was their home. Here you can read a book, work, play on the piano, make friends with good people, attend events, be creative, drink as much tea or coffee as you want and do almost anything, as long as it does infringe on the freedom of others. Inside everything is free, guests leave money for the time they spent at Ziferblat, and by doing so contribute to the development of this experiment. The cost of time is 3 roubles per minute during the first hour and 2 roubles per minute during consequent hours. After the fourth hour and until morning, the time becomes free! Children under the age of 5 can come as guests for free, and for children aged between 5 and 10 years inclusive the price is 50% of the normal.
Концерт саксофонистов
Today at 9:00 PM
Клуб рисовальщиков с Алексеем
Tomorrow at 12:00 PM
Бранч с Рачиком
Tomorrow at 2:00 PM
Английский разговорный клуб
Tomorrow at 7:00 PM
Mafia in English
Wednesday at 7:30 PM
Джазовый джем
Wednesday at 9:00 PM
Йога с Сашей
Thursday at 10:00 AM
Клуб рисовальщиков с Алексеем
Thursday at 12:00 PM
Мастер-класс «Драматургия в жизни»
Thursday at 5:30 PM
Немецкий разговорный клуб
Thursday at 7:00 PM
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We are located on Kuznetsky Most 19s1
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